Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

We offer fiber laser cutting machine with following specs :

  • Power Range 1 kW-12kW
  • Cutting Bed Size 3 m X 1.5 m, 4 m X 1.5 m, 4 m X 2.0 m, 6 m X 1.5 m , 6 m X 2.0 m, 6 m X 2.5 m
  • Optional closed chamber & exchange pallet, auto focus etc.
  • Our machine can cut the different kind of metals like Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, copper etc. with high speed & good cut quality.

Laser Welding Machine

We have the laser welding machine with options like handheld, manual and automated machine for different parts & designs depending on customer’s requirement of production.


Laser Cleaning Machine

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine operates by using a laser beam to pulse the surface layer of a material, ablating and vaporizing it to the desired depth to leave a clean, pure surface beneath.


Laser Material Deposition and Laser Surface Treatment like hardening

  • In Laser Metal Deposition Process, a weld track is formed using metal power or wire as filler material, which is fed through a nozzle to a melt pool, created by focused high power-density laser beam.
  • In Laser Surface Structuring, the laser creates regularly arranged geometries in the layer or in the base material, so that the technical characteristics are changed in a targeted manner and a new functionality is developed.
  • Laser surface treatment is a thermal process that has an advantage over conventional furnace treatment. It is based on the heating caused by the light adsorption of the surface layer and the cooling ensured by the high conductivity of the material.

Press Brake

We offer the press brake with  :

  • bending force of 100 ton / 160 ton / 220 ton
  • bending length of 2500 m / 3100 m / 4100 m.
  • Our bending machine provide the best solution for any requirement.