Photoresist,E-Beam Resist,Process chemicals (e-beam,resists,Thinner,Developer, Stopper, Remover)

Silcon wafers,SOI wafers,Epitexial Silicon wafers,Sapphire Wafer

Sputtering target,Vacuum deposition consumables,Vacuum deposition material,Vacuum Equipment Parts

Torrey Hills Technologies

Tungsten-copper (WCu,CuW),Heat Sinks,Molybdenum-copper (MoCu, SuMo) Heat Sinks,Cu/Mo70Cu/Cu Heat Sinks,Ceramic RF, Microwave and Power Packages,Molybdenum And Molybdenum Alloys,Tungsten Metal Products and Alloys.

Graphene Square Inc.

CVD Graphene Films, Graphene Oxide CVD, Graphene on TEM Grid, Graphene Quantum Dot and Accessories.