Scanning Probe Microscope (AFM/STM/SNOM), Integrated SPM & Confocal Microscopy/Raman, Scattering Spectroscopy SPM, probes test samples, calibration, gratings. AFMRAMAN-SNOM, IR SNOM imaging, & spectroscopy, TERS.


In-situ nanoindentation technology for academic and industry. Compact, robust, versatile and can be fitted to various kinds of microscopes such as, Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM), Light Microscopes, Synchrotron beamlines, and many more


Integrated Nanoprobing solutions for your SEM, FIB and dual beam. Micro probing solutions for optical microscopes, probe stations and inspection tools. Robots control and data acquisition in a unified software suite.

Crestec Corporation

State of art dedicated stand alone electron beam lithography systems.

Obducat Technologies AB 

Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) for R & D and production for LED/ OPTO, MEMS & NEMS, optical storage, Bio device, Magnetic storage display, semiconductor, polymer electronics and photovoltaic applications.

Semilab Co. Ltd.

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Spectral Photoluminescence, Measurement, Mercury C-V Profiling, FTIR Reflectometry,  in-Situ Thickness Measurement , Roll To Roll Spectroscopic Elipsometery, Spectroscopic Reflectometer, Non-Contact C-V,Metrology, Non Contact Electrical Measurement, Stand Alone Nanoindentation System, Bulk Micro-Defect Micro Analyzer.

Theta Metrisis


Optical Metrology tools for the characterization of single layers and multi-layer coatings in the 1nanometer-1000micrometers thickness range and for a wide range of diverse applications, such as: semiconductors, organic electronics, polymers, paints and coatings, photovoltaics, biosensing.