Tetreon Technologies Limited

Thermco horizontal diffusion furnace, Semithermo vertical diffusion furnace, Atmospheric furnace LPCVD process system, T-Clean Wet Chemical Solutions, Porous Silicon Formation, Quartz Tube Cleaning Systems, Semiconductor & Solar Wet Benches, Semiconductor Cleaning Systems.

Obducat Europe GmbH

Spinner system for coating, cleaning or developing applications, Process, tool for coating and drying,OLED (Larg substrate),  RTP Furnace, Large Substrate coater, wet process, EBR for glass substrates, Special Handling Systems, Wafer, Coater/Developer, Pizoeelectric MEMS.


Ellipsometer, Laser Ellipsometer, Spectroscopic, Single Wavelength, Spectral photo luminsense Measurement, Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS). Manual Measurement System (Non-destructive Fast, precise measurements of sheet conductance/ sheet resistance), The contactless, non-destructive alternative to Hall mobility, Measurement and Mapping Systems Contactless Bulk Resistivity/ Sheet Resistance/ Capacitance Thickness

Advanced Spin System Inc.

SRD (Spin, Rinse, & Dryer) systems – SV, Parts, Cassette.

Photolithography, Mask Aligner, Exposure System, Light intensity test equipments and probe head, Spin Coater.

Hengli Eleteck Co.Ltd.

Drying Furnace, Thick film firing furnace, high precision thick film firing furnace, Vacuum oven, drying & firing combination furnace, reflow oven, Hot air box oven, atmosphere belt furnace, tube furnace, pusher kiln, selenide furnace Low temp. Thermal decomposition furnace, low temp, crystallization furnace, roller kiln, Fast drying furnace, fast firing furnace, three roll mill, dispense and die bonder, multifunctional hot plate, High precision screen printer, temperature profiler, automatic loading and unloading modular, powder processing automatic line, Powder processing automatic line, dye-sensitized production line, LTCC production line, thick film production line, Micro assembly production line, zero emission waste water system and gas system, rack plating, barrel plating, vibration plating, Manual plating line, lab plating line, rotating plating line, etching cleaner, vapor degreaser, solvent analysis system, exhaust gas treatment system, Waste water treatment system, flo-king pump pure water system.   

Die Bonder, Wire Bonder,Scriber, Laser Diode Testers

Napson Corporation

Sheet resistance/resistivity measurement instrument Contact/Non-Contact type resistance measurement, 4 point probe, Lifetime measurement, Spreading resistance measurement, Flatness /Thickness Measurement. TTV,BOW,WARP, PN Type checker.

DRIE Etcher, ICP Etcher, Saw Filter Etcher.

Direct Laser Writer, The Laser Writer pattern generator.

Plasma cleaning,  Photoresist removal, RF Plasma & MW Plasma.

Ecopia corporation

Hall Effect Measurement system, Probe Station, Prober, LED Tester, Rapid, Thermal Processing System (RTP).

Theta Metrisis


Optical Metrology tools for the characterization of single layers and multi-layer coatings in the 1nanometer-1000micrometers thickness range and for a wide range of diverse applications, such as: semiconductors, organic electronics, polymers, paints and coatings, photovoltaics, biosensing.

Torrey Hills Technologies

Three roll mill, Planetary Ball Mill, Ointment Mills.

Solar Cell I-V Test System, PV Module Light Soaking System, Solar Cell IPCE Measurement System, Solar Cell Imaging System, PV Module Imaging System, PV Module Inspection System, Solar Cell In-Line Inspection System, OLED Lifetime Test System, OLED I-V-L Test System, FPD Optical Test System,Time of Flight Measurement System, Organic Semiconductor Parameter Test System, TFT Parameter Test System, Battery Cell Parameter Test System , Cyclic Voltammetry Test System , Battery Inspection System , Battery Cycler Test System , OLED EQE Measurement System,  OLED Goniometer System.